Brian from People per Hour

wow – where to start? Tracey was absolutely amazing. I had 4 short days to complete my Master’s (MSc) dissertation and the best part of 3,000 words still to write. Tracey proofread, edited and provided professional guidance on where I could improve the dissertation, even over the weekend, multiple times. If I hadn’t used Tracey there’s a good chance I would have maybe scraped a pass at best, but I’m now confident that it’s a really thorough piece of academic work. Unfortunately I can’t score 10/5 on PPH, so 5/5 will have to do!

Highly recommended!

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Neuroscientist (PhD & MSc), Biomedical Scientist (BSc (Hons), Mental Health Advocate and a Writer. I am a scientific writer who takes science and makes it more digestible. Topics span neuroscience, mental health and wellbeing, fitness and diet. If you would like me to write for you or your site get in touch